Today could be the day!

The two times in my life that I have had the most anticipation were when I was engaged to Erica, and when we were expecting our first child to be born. The past couple of months, as I walked to work with my Father in Law I would say, “Today could be the day!” and more times than I can remember he would respond with a confused look and ask, “the day for what?” I was obviously anticipating more than he was the birth of my daughter, and I don’t hold it against him.
But then it hit me. There is something else that I am to be anticipating. Christ’s return. And the two pictures used in the Bible to describe this event are the bride and groom waiting to be united, and the picture of the earth being in “labor pains” (cf Romans 8:18-25) The phrase suddenly began to have a double meaning when I said it in the mornings. I began to have a new perspective on just how much I should be anticipating Christ’s return.
Well, now that little Ella is finally here, I don’t want to lose my anticipation. I still want to say every day, “Today could be the day!” and mean it from my heart, that I anticipate so much seeing Christ, and not just say it as a habit. I don’t want to be caught off guard, like my Father in Law, and say, “For what?” but I always want it to be in the forefront of my mind.