God knows me, even when I think no one understands

Sure, I know that God is Omniscient. What does that mean? Well, He knows everything right? That’s what it means. Is that it, is it as simple as that? What does God know. How well does He know it. How long does He remember it? Does He really understand it or does He just have a general idea about everything. And, the big question, what does God know about me and my life?
Yeah, it’s easy to say that God is omniscient, because somewhere in all the swirling galaxies and planets we get lost in the billions of people on this planet and everything just seems so huge, how could God know about the intimate details of my life?! God doesn’t just know everything else, He knows “me”, that is what it says after all in verse one. He has searched me and known ME.
What exactly does He know? He knows my every move. When I wake up, when I go to bed, when I’m headed to work, and when I go home. He knows about every keystroke as I type and he knows every action, even down to the most mundane. He also knows my most embarrasing moment in Jr High, and…every prank I’ve ever played at summer camp. He knows the fun times I had at college, and even those moments when I thought no one was looking.
One day, I was driving home from work, and I don’t usually do this, but I was singing at the top of my lungs in my car. As I pulled down our street, I didn’t see her, but Erica saw me and told me later that she was laughing so hard. You see, what Erica knew that made it so funny is that…I didn’t have a radio in my car, so she knew I was singing without any music and there I was, mouth wide open singing with all my heart. I didn’t think anyone knew about that…well, now you ALL know!
Not only does God know my every action, He also understands my every thought. “You understand my thought afar off” The “afar off” is what strikes me here. One commentary I read (I believe it was Matthew Henry) said it could mean that God understands my thoughts from as far away as heaven, but that it could also mean that long before I think it, and long after I’ve forgotten it, God knows and remembers my thoughts. And not just my thoughts, my feelings too.
You know, we all have things in our lives that are a burden. Problems and trials. Whether it’s stress at work, or something serious like facing cancer. Maybe your mom and dad are going through a divorce. Or maybe you lost your job. Everyone has something in their life. God knows every detail of the situation. He knows and understands exactly how you feel. It is not a distant knowledge, but a close personal knowledge. God is “intimately familiar” with every detail of the situation. In fact, He probably knows my situation better than I do! That gives me great comfort.
When I tell people about what I’m going through, a common phrase is, “I understand.” But who can really say that?! Every situation is different. No one can say that and really mean it…But GOD CAN! He does understand, so well. Even when no one else does! Take your situation to God. He already knows what you are facing.
He knows every word on your tongue, he knows every dificult conversation you’ve had. He knows every word that has been spoken to you. Every argument or fight. Every mean word someone has hurt you with. Every bit of “bad news” that you got at the doctor’s office.
He has sifted through your life. Searching you. Knowing you. Knowing ME! And He has hedged me in, behind and before. He has laid His hand upon me. There is no better response than that of the psalmist, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, It is high I cannot attain it” We will never understand how God knows or even what God knows, but we can rest in the fact that He does know, and understand, even when we think no one else does.

What are you going through right now? I’d love to hear how this has encouraged you…Please leave a comment! And be sure to come back for the next part of this Psalm, it gets even better!