God sees me and is with me, even when I think I am all alone.

Not only does God know you and understand what you’re facing, God sees you and is with you – even when you feel alone. There is no place you can go that God does not see you, not the highest heaven, not the lowest place on earth. Even if you could fly away on the wings of the earliest dawn light to the furthest horizon, where you would be just a dot in the distance, you can’t escape God’s sight.

While these verses may strike fear into our hearts if we have sin (thank you for the comment on my last post Ray) the psalmist is comforted by these thoughts. “Even there you hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.”

I was in one of the lowest places on earth. When I was a teenager, a few of us went cave spelunking. We headed into the mouth of the cave with our flashlights and batteries in hand. After having to roll and army crawl for about one hundred feet (it felt like a mile), we finally made it to a part of the cave where we could stand. It was pitch black. The kind where you couldn’t even see you own hand in front of your face. We walked along the edge of a cliff, and someone slipped and grabbed onto the rocks, they didn’t fall, but their flashlight crashed into the rocks below. We entered a large underground ‘room’ and were looking for a passage to go further. There was a small hole near the ground where a little water was flowing and I, being the smallest and skinniest teen, was volunteered for the job. I crawled into the water and squeezed my way into the opening. On the other side was an even larger room than the first but something was wrong. The water I had crawled in was freezing and the air in the cave made it even colder. I began shivering and started to panic. Whether I was just hyperventalating or going into hypothermia I’ll never know, but I remember lying in that dark room alone with no way out. I called back to the group and let them know that I needed help. They immediately started searching for another way to reach me. I was scared, cold, hopeless and alone. Questions began racing through my mind, “what if there is no way for them to reach me?””what if I never make it out?” Seconds seemed like hours as I sat in the dark. Finally, a flashlight landed on my skin. They had found a way near the ceiling to get me.

There is something about being seen that makes a difference. The group knew my trouble, they understood where I was and how I was feeling. But it was when I knew they saw me, that I felt comforted. You might think that you are invisible to everyone around you. You might think that what you are going through is hidden and private and that no one sees you. But God’s vision is better than a flashlight. In fact not even night vision goggles compare to God’s sight. TO GOD, THE DARKNESS IS LIGHT! And it shines all around you!

God sees you and He is with you, no matter where you are, Psalm 139 says, “You are there” over and over. Be reminded that God understands what you are facing, he sees you and is WITH you, even when you feel alone. He sees you when you are lying on your bed awake at night, he sees you when you are at the hospital for tests, he sees you studying late, he sees you when you are having those dificult conversations. He knows what would be written on the blank page in your diary, he sees your hurt and the ‘unspoken’ requests you have. And He is with you through it all. God’s Omnipresence. A beautiful doctrine.

Next we’ll look at the rest of the Psalm, where we see God has a plan for you and is at work in your life – even when you think all hope is gone.

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