The Irony of Mercy

In a recent Sunday School class we were discussing Titus 3

Here are my thoughts

The danger is that I will abuse mercy. When I think of God as an
overflowing fount of Love and Forgiveness, the tendency then is to be
thankful for the mercy shown but not inspired to change. Either I am
tempted to do nothing because of God’s great mercy, or worse, I am
tempted to “permit” sin to remain in my life because I think I can fall
back on the mercy of God.

Mercy is not painless, however. The cost of mercy is great. The
justice of God is no less because of His love. It pained God to see His
Son on the cross. He turned away when Jesus cried out begging God to
not forsake Him.

This then is my motivation, not only my gratitude for the mercy already
shown, but also because I do not want to lessen the sacrifice that was
made, cheapening it. I show that I value that sacrifice when I am
zealously devoted to good works, when I show that I am not unfruitful,
but committed to living for God. This is living my life worthy of the
Gospel. (Phil 1:27)