What do you want?

My daughter is not communicating very well, so Erica and I are trying to teach her to use sentences. Ella is used to saying one word, and pretty much getting what she wants. For example she might say, “Nana…?” and we’ll give her a banana. (Of course she never just says it once, it’s usually like, “Nana? Nana? Nana? Nana?) So I ask her, “Can you say, ‘I…want…a…banana?'” and she will repeat after each word. Or she might ask to get down by saying, “Down? Down? Down?” and Erica and I ask her, “Can you say, ‘I…want…down?'”
She is starting to get the hang of it, although we usually have to get her started by asking, “Can you say, ‘I?'” and she will fill in the rest.
Yesterday she was saying , “T.V.? T.V.? T.V.?” and I asked her, like i always do, to begin by saying ‘I’. She too it from there, draggin each word out, “I….want….a….T.V.!” Erica and I just started cracking up! Then the next day, Ella said, “I…want…to…three…four…”
Like I said, she is just starting to get the idea.