Snow, and letting go

Everyday I am faced with new reminders that my little girl is growing up. Yesterday, it really hit me. You see, we got hit by a snowstorm so I took Ella to the Burger King playland just to get out and be able to run around somewhere. Two year olds have SO much energy! I used to have to pick her up and help her get around inside the playland, and when we went down the slide she would always get scared and want to sit on my lap and cling to me. Until yesterday that is. She was climbing around all on her own, able to lean over and swing one leg up to the next level and then reach out with her little arms and pull herself up. And everytime we went down the slide together, she was getting more and more brave. At first she still had to cling to me, but then she would sit on the slide herself and hold both my hands.
Right before we left, we went down the slide, “one more time” as she likes to say, and she was sitting on the slide by herself holding my hands. Halfway down, she let go and started laughing and giggling all the way down. I’m glad it was on our last time down, because I don’t know if I was ready to see her go down the slide all by herself yet!
We are already having to talk about preschool, and she is just growing up so fast. I want to remember these days forever.