Valentine’s day continued…

It’s the little things in life that make a day special. We celebrate the small successes of our children, and give them rewards. And they are happy with whatever you give them, simply because it is a gift from you. Subtle changes to a day’s routine can spice life up enough to make each day feel like a holiday. For valentines day, Erica decorated the kitchen with baloons and a red tablecloth, heart shaped plates and red cups. She made heart shaped french toast (regular toast for Ella, she is such a picky eater right now) and it was a wonderful breakfast! Yesterday, both my kids did something they had never done before. Ella did a somersault! And Pax is sitting up on his own and he ate cereal for the first time!

We have a kids video that goes through each number with a different song, number six is a karate class. Ella loves trying to imitate them, holding out her fists and jumping and kicking! But it was funny to watch her try to do a somersault, she looked nervous, but you could tell she really wanted to do it. She would hold her head down and to the side a little and then jump but she would just catch herself and land on the floor. Yesterday she actually flipped over and the landing on her back kind of surprised her! She only did one but it was cool to see.

Pax is a little bit of a porker, I know. It’s fun to have a son, and to watch him grow. I think he is going to be teething soon (at least I hope so, that is SO much DROOL!) He’ll be old like his sister in no time. Sitting up by himself is a big accomplishment for him, and I never want to treat his successes like less than Ella’s just because he is younger. This is also the first time he actually ate the cereal. Oh, we fed it to him before. Plenty of times, but well, you know what baby’s do with new foods…So congratulations PAX! Nice job buddy!

Do something unexpected today, something out of the ordinary, and if you’re having a bad day…make heart shaped french toast, or look for the little things today to celebrate!

Here’s a few photos that I was able to learn how to post ‘with a little help from my friends’