I attended my first deacon’s meeting last week and got filled in on all of the important things that deacons do. There’s quite a lot and I’m kind of nervous since I will be serving a three year term! But what I was most excited about was this guy Mike. He is a teen in our youth group who I got to know a little when we were serving in the youth group last year. I haven’t seen him in a while since we had our son and stepped down from that ministry. I saw him two weeks ago Wednesday night and we talked and prayed together. He told me how he struggles to read his Bible and that he worries that he is going to go down the wrong path. We talked about it and I encouraged him to be realistic about where he is with his Bible reading now, and to make a goal that is reachable for the next week. I also promised to pray for him and to ask him the next time I see him, how he is doing with his goals. It’s this ‘informal’ ministry that I enjoy so much, not so much the ‘formal’ duties of a deacon. Don’t get me wrong, every pastor and church-goer should be thankful for those who volunteer to help with various aspects of programs of the church. I just love the joy that comes from one life touching another and think about how we each have the possibility to have that kind of an impact on each other. Mike is also keeping me accountable in an indirect sort of way, I have to be sure to pray as I promised and to be sure to be the kind of example he needs.

I talked to him tonight, and he is doing well. He has met and exceeded his goals for the past two weeks, so it is encouraging to see that things have actually changed for the better for him. Keep him in your prayers if you can, he has a lot going against him and yet he has a great heart for God.

As a side note, I preach at the end of March and I always struggle settling on what to preach. I’m leaning toward Psalm 33, just because I just finished reading that in my devotions. Pastors usually have their preaching schedules made for the year, but for all of you ‘occasional’ preachers, any tips on determining what to preach on?