Work work work…

February was the month I transitioned from the private sector (Lockheed Martin) to the government (DFAS) I find myself surrounded once again by four in thick binders as I expand my horizons in military retired pay! It all reminds me of my time in seminary, getting to class just in time, having rushed straight from UPS. Carrying that stupid 50 pound bookbag everywhere I went (OK maybe it wasn’t fifty pounds, but the bag did rip at the seams from all of the weight!) It all makes me very reminiscent. I also ran across some old pictures of another place I used to work, DialAmerica in Scranton, PA! That job was good to me through all of my college years…Telemarketing has never been so much fun, but I remember how hard it was being on the phones for five hours straight.

Now, all the hard work I’ve put in at places like Dial and UPS have paid off, and I enjoy my job as a trainer. Currently I train mostly technical information, such as how to compute military retired pay and do many different kinds of audits on veteran’s accounts. But since the transition to the government, we are evolving into more of a workforce development team. So I am excited about the possibility of expanding my repertoire to include project and program management as well as leadership and communication skills.

But all of these changes don’t come easy. I’ve been having to work longer hours and get more done in less time. But then again, I guess change never does come easy, eh? (that one’s for you Brad!)

Well, that’s all the update I have right now. I just want to say thank you to everyone who is following this, and I’d like to interact more with you somehow on the blog. I’m really never on facebook anymore, I find the sentence updates kind of annoying sometimes because they don’t really ever tell you any information. “Lee is excited!”…ok…why? what happened? did you win the lottery? So I’d rather interact with everyone in a blog, where we can share more in depth what has been going on. If you read my posts and you blog too, let me know in the comments or something so I can see what’s going on in your life! (Kurt, this means you…you need to start a blog since you are the one who pressured me into it in the first place!)

Sorry for all of the personal references, hopefully everyone who reads this blog will eventually get to know those two guys, they have both meant a lot to me through the years!

Ok, that’s all for tonight. Sorry, one more personal reference, “Hi, mom!”