God as a "trainer"

As a trainer, I’m known as the ‘games guy.’ It’s no longer an unusual sight for someone to see me walking down the hall at work with a box full of props and a beach ball heading to class! Part of my philosophy of learning is that if people are having fun, they will learn and retain information better. So I incorporate a lot of ‘experiential learning activities.’

One such activity is going to be for a team building and resource management class that I will be leading soon. It’s the classic Egg Drop but with a few twists. First, there is a budget, and there are different types of people each team needs to hire that only do certain tasks. Materials all have a certain amount of cost, and the amount of time planning the design and the amount of time spent building the container are all billable hours. It’s a junior high activity suped up to be workplace appropriate 🙂

As with all of my learning activities, the debriefing at the end is usually the most important part, otherwise, we have wasted valuable time just doing something fun. What strikes me, is that what I want to teach people, and what people are actually learning are sometimes two different things. This is not always a bad thing, although I hope that they will all eventually pick up what I’m puttin‘ down

I used to ask, “What are you learning in your devotions, lately?” But I think there is another question that is ultimately more important. “What is God trying to teach you, lately?” As with my training participants, the two are not always the same. Sure I may be reading Genesis, or studying an epistle that is talking about patience, but God may be trying to teach me something entirely different through the circumstances He brings into my life.

God is always trying to make us ‘conform to the image of His Son’, this means that nothing that comes in our life is by mistake. All things happen for a reason, and usually that reason is because God is trying to teach us something. And, another part of my teaching philosophy is that repitition is the key. So it’s likely that whatever God tries to teach us, if we don’t learn it the first time around, He will continue to work in our lives/situations to try to teach us again.

I just finished reading the book of Genesis, and Joseph’s story was amazing to me. I try to think about what it would have been like to be him. Hated as a boy by his brothers so much that they actually thought about killing him. Now, every family has some disfunction, but I don’t think most of us live with siblings who would actually murder us and try to cover it up…then he gets sold into slavery, then he is falsely accused of sleeping with his boss’ wife and gets thrown into prison, then he is forgotten by those that he helps get out of prison for two years, finally he is pardoned and made the number two ruler in all of Egypt and saves the world from famine! Amazing! I would have had millions of questions for God that all start with, “Why?” It wasn’t until the end of Joseph’s life that he saw what God was trying to teach him. He says to his brothers, after testing them to see if they had repented, that God did all of this in order to fulfill his promise, and to keep a remnant alive of the Israelite people. That’s why God did all of that to Joseph. He wanted to show Joseph how He would provide for and keep His promise. Joseph now knew that God was in control of it all, that God’s purposes would prevail and that it was all meant for good.

I ask myself, “What is God trying to teach me?” and you know what, I don’t have an answer for that. But I will be thinking about it over the weekend.

Ask yourself. Why have these things been happening in my life? What is God’s lesson for me. It may be that it won’t all be clear until later, like with Joseph. But maybe God would show you what he wants you to learn, if you ask him.

Just a random deep thought. Ok, back to cleaning the house.