The worst six dollars I ever spent

I’m cheap, I’ll admit it. Especially lately, Erica and I are on a spending fast trying to pay off some debt. Erica usually cuts my hair and does a great job, but we just didn’t have time for her to do it this time, so I decided to go to “great clips” for a six dollar haircut. The stylist seemed professional enough and even talked about how she used to cut hair at a fancy salon downtown Cleveland. Which, now that I think about it, I have to wonder why she is now working at Great Clips in Berea… This is absolutely the worst haircut I ever had. Ok, maybe the second worst. The first worst happened while I was at summer camp in high school and I had a friend take the clippers and shave half my head (don’t ask, I thought it was cool at the time) Other than that, this is the worst haircut ever. I’m thinking about getting a brown paper bag…maybe Erica can fix it.


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