Good times with old friends

Four couples, thirteen kids. Dinner with friends is a little different now that we all have little ones. Between the cries and the shrieks and the “mommy! mommy! mommy!” or the occasional “daddy! daddy! daddy!” we managed to have some adult conversation throughout the night. Everybody is doing well, and one couple is expecting ANOTHER one soon, so I can’t wait to see how Christmas will be this year trying to talk! But what’s nice is that we are all in the same stage of life and when a kid spits up on you, or someone hits someone else’s kid in the head with a bat (that didn’t happen, but if it did…) we all understand, and it’s OK. We can still have fun and talk (after caring for the kid hit with the bat that is) There is just something about being with people who can relate. But not just any people. Most of these friends are from my youth group days when I was a teen. We went on missions trips together, competed in Bible quiz teams together, or worked at summer camp together. So reminiscing is always a small part of the night. But we also talk about the future, and what everyone is planning on doing and how life is turning out. It’s always great to reconnect with some couples we haven’t seen in a while, and to see what God is doing in everyone’s life. Tonight, I’m very thankful for friends. But I am not thankful for the snowstorm that has hit us yet again, causing my drive home to be very stressful.

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