Another meeting

From four couples and thirteen kids to eight couples and NO kids! Where was this, you may ask? Our pastor had us over his house with the other deacons and their wives. We played Four Men on a Couch and had some great desserts before settling down and talking for the night.
Keep praying about our church’s search for a youth pastor. We are getting very close to a decision here soon, so I need to make a few phone calls to check some references. Erica and I are both very excited about the possibility of having a new youth pastor, we would so much love to be involved with the youth group again but feel it is not the right time until there are more people up there to help. We both miss working with the teens and their families, maybe we will have a new youth pastor soon and can offer our support. More updates to come!
It’s been a crazy busy week, so that’s all for tonight. Have a good weekend everyone, I’ll be back on Monday!