A grave responsibility

So I called a reference for the possible youth pastor candidate for my church, and I am struck by what an awesome responsibility it is for a church to call a pastor. Our own church has been struck by sin in the past, the wounds of which are only slowly starting to heal, although I’m not sure that the depth of pain is even close to being completely understood. Also, recent events at another church cause me to pause and pray about such a difficult decision. All hearts are deceitful, and it doesn’t matter how good a person may seem to everyone who knows them, God knows their heart perfectly. That is why I guess we must ask for His direction, but it still comes down to us making a decision at some point. This has really been on my mind lately as I consider the pros and cons of different types of people to be a pastor. I think a lot about my reasons for not becoming a pastor right now, and wonder if I should apply those same reasons to someone else, or if I should leave it up to God who should or shouldn’t pursue full time vocational ministry or when they should or shouldn’t. I don’t talk much about my own decision to not be a pastor now, except to those who I think truly need to know (like a friend considering becoming a pastor himself) but now that I am to judge other people and whether they are qualified to be a pastor, I find myself holding up some of the same conditions that I placed on myself. It’s just such a huge responsibility being a pastor. I don’t know yet what I think…

I just ask everyone be in prayer for this situation. One thing I am convinced of, only God knows who should be the youth pastor at our church, and He is able to bring him here.

On a side note, I discovered that a psychologist from Brisbane Australia posted a link to my last blog entry on the first adolescence… 🙂 who knew?