Roadie for a Day

So, I totally just did something that I normally would not do, but the prize package was just too good to pass up. I entered Switchfoot’s roadie for a day contest. I’ll admit it, I’m cool with that. But listen to what you get if you win:

The prize package:

Two airline tickets and hotel accomodations the night of the show

Meet and greet with the band

Assist with sound check that day

Stand side stage during the show – walk Jon Foreman’s guitar out to him on stage during the show

One $500 gift certificate to Journeys

Signed Memorabilia

A Pair of Switchfoot’s Studio Project Shoe

A trip to see Switchfoot play at Journey’s Backyard BBQ in Sacramento, CA on May8th, 2010

So, obviously I’m NOT entering it for the journey’s gift card. I’ll give that to Erica, but we both have the travel bug big time, and there’s nothing like a switchfoot show to give us an excuse to travel. Switchfoot is my favorite band and we have seen them in several cities… (dates are approximate)

Scranton in 2001
Atlantic City in 2004
Scranton in 2006 (when Jon puked)
New York City in 2007
Cleveland in 2008
Nashville in 2009

So we have never seen them in California even though we have been to San Diego twice, so I’d say we’re due a west coast show. I don’t really care about getting their autographs because I already got all there autographs on a shirt I made and wore to one of their shows…

(The shirt is a picture of Jerome, who I am standing next to, wearing a mullet wig. All the switchfoot guys said this was the bast fan t-shirt they had ever seen and they all took pictures of me with their cell phones! I even made it onto their website in their “Daily Foot”)

Yes, I’m a dork. But listen to Switchfoot’s latest song, “Sing it Out” and you’ll know what I’m talking about!