Teeth, Croup and the process of calling a pastor…

Sorry for the brief hiatus from blogging, I really do plan on updating this every weekday. It’s just been a really busy couple of days. Even now, I’ve only been home for two hours today taking care of the kids while Erica ran some errands, and then I just got back at 10:30 tonight from my deacon’s meeting, so I’m really trying to get to updating my blog in the face of all this activity.

Here’s the news, Pax’s two bottom teeth have finally poked through. I would post pictures BUUUT you can’t actually see them yet, you can feel them when you run your finger along his gums.

Ella has Croup. We just noticed her cough today and decided to take her to the doctor’s. It’s always hard to know whether to go to the doctor’s or not. I mean, kids get sick, they get runny noses, they cough. But this morning Ella woke up screaming so we brought her into our bed (not going to be a regular thing) and her cough sounded like a seal barking! So needless to say, we thought it was time to see the doc.

We are still looking forward to the prospective youth pastor candidate coming into town and will be going out to dinner with him and his wife Saturday. We are very excited about the potential and are praying really hard about what God’s will is.

I must say, I find the whole ‘calling a pastor to your church’ process kind of strange. When I was putting my resume out there to churches, I felt like, how can these people ever make an informed decision about me? I would be a stranger going to a church, teaching, preaching, maybe giving my testimony. How well would they really get to know me? How well would they be able to discern what my character was like. References? Of course, they would be all hand-picked by me. I even had a pastor tell me that he wasn’t going to call my references because “of course they are going to say good things about you!” He wanted to find people that knew me, that I didn’t hand pick for him to interview, which I thought was very clever! But the whole process seemed contrived. I had always envisioned each church raising their own future pastors. That way there would be no ‘getting to know you’ period. The church could definitely say that they have observed the character of a man and that he is qualified to be a pastor. Looking at his family, how he treats his wife, how he has raised his kids, would all be good indicator’s for a church of how a man would be as a pastor of a church. But, that’s not to say that the process as it is today can’t work. I think it just means churches have to be that much more careful in the interviewing process. I’ve had lots of friends that I graduated with go on to become pastors right out of college, newlyweds, at churches that didn’t know them from Adam, and they’ve done great! So, I don’t judge. I’m just saying it seems weird to me, a little.

All that aside, I am very excited to meet this prospective candidate in person. I’ve talked to references, and read his resume and heard from other people who have interviewed people who know him. But I’m really looking forward to meeting him face to face. Keep praying!

Also, I’m still up in the air about what to preach on March 31st…