Chuchee Jesus

For months now, Erica and I have been lamenting our old camcorder (yeah, it’s so old we call it a camcorder) and have been coveting the Flip Mino. We felt that it was necessary to catch all of life’s little moments not just in pictures, but in life unfolding before our eyes, complete with sound! Then it happened. I took Ella to Chuck E. Cheese’s (she refers to it as Chuchee’s or Chuchee Jesus) and I tried to take a picture when I was confounded. Nothing seemed to happen. No flash, no freeze frame appeared on the LCD. That’s when I realized our camera already takes video! Sweeeet! So, while this is probably not the most interesting video you’ll ever see, and I doubt it will ever get anywhere near a million hits, I was still very excited that our camera has this nice feature.

Here we are at Chuchee’s eating lunch and enjoying a little of the music together!

P.S. My spell checker is going crazy on this post!