Tank is getting low on sleep…

Normally, I praise my son Pax for his ability to just lay down and fall right asleep. Not so much the past couple of days. I think his second tooth is coming in, which is causing so much more fuss than the first tooth ever did. So I was up till 1:00 last night and still up at 5:15 for work, with a few wake ups in between.

Why do kids make things that should be so easy, so difficult? It's not that hard to do things like…sit up. Or using the toilet…But for some reason these activities have to come with their share of drama and fear and falling over. Now before you jump all over me for being an impatient and uncaring father, I realize that these are new activities and my kids need to be taught and helped and coached. But sometimes it just strikes me at just how difficult they are making things that are really simple. Ella is learning to use the potty, and while she has done it a couple of times, sometimes she is just terrified of the idea. Complete with meltdowns and tantrums. But other times she runs to the potty and begs for candy (we bribe her, it's true). It can be frustrating to be patient and to persevere when faced with such resistance, but I know in the end it will be worth it. For two reasons, first, Ella would never be able to live down being a teenager who still wears diap!
ers, and second we will save a ton of money in diapers!

I wonder if God ever feels this way about us?