The car that keeps on giving

(Here we are at the car lot, our old car in the background, the new car smell filling the air!)

So, Erica and I bought our Pontiac Grand Am sometime in 2004? Recently we celebrated hitting100,000 miles. Now though we have so many dashboard lights on it looks like we have christmas lights around the steering wheel, you know those small color ones with red and green and blue. I love not having a car payment, and we really only need one car (I get a ride to work, or take the bus) but we are at that awkward stage of the relationship with our vehicle where we must consider is it worth dumping money into it for repairs, or should we just break down and buy another car? Or do we literally wait till we break down…

My taste in cars is slightly different than Erica’s. Aside from the Ferari or Tesla I want to buy, I’m a fan of station wagons and minivans. Especially the Quest and the Town and Country. Erica is more of an SUV girl. She liked the Armada which if you have ever seen one is almost the size of a Hummer! So wether or not to get another car (not new, but new to us) really is a tough decision. But I think that Erica is now more open to the idea of a minivan, as long as it’s not one of those rounded ‘dorky’ looking ones. No offense anyone who has one of those by the way. But a minivan that is a little boxier looking will at least make Erica feel less like a stay at home soccer mom and more like the cool SUV driving surfer/rocker girl she is at heart!

My only requirement…? How fast does a minivan go from 0 to 60?