He ended up having an ear infection, so it wasn't just teething. It's only been a few days of him not sleeping, but Erica commented yesterday (and I totally agree) that it feels like we can't even remember what it was like before, when he was sleeping well! It's amazing how skewed our perception can be at times. It really has only been four days. But in all honesty, this has been one of the longest weeks of my life that I can remember.


We decided to have the work done on the breaks. We both considered this a test from God since we are trying to pay off debt. He was saying, "Lee and Erica, are you willing to make due with what you have or will you go out and overspend?" I have a friend who offered to do the work for a great price. Problem is, I went to drive it over there to get the brakes fixed when it got a flat tire…humph.


I have decided to preach on Psalm 33, so you'll probably be reading a few posts about that as I study it. First observations though I noticed a great passage for a soldier to use to witness to his friends. Read Psalm 33:16-19. Or better yet, just read the whole thing so you'll have some thoughts on the passage to share yourself!


The debt collector's keep calling for whoever had my cell phone number last. This is really ticking me off, but I still haven't done anything about it.

Bible Reading:

I asked you to keep me accountable to my Bible reading, and I appreciate those of you who have asked. It's weird, but I noticed that this other pattern emerges too, I am doing a lot of reading and covering a lot of ground, then when asked to preach, my Bible reading goes on hold as I study one passage in depth. So now I am behind and will need to do some serious reading to catch up so that I will finish by the end of the year.