Executive Order Banning Federal Funds for Abortion

Today, President Obama signed the executive order that bans federal funds for being used for abortion (in some circumstances). I realize this is a hot topic, but I think it really deserves more discussion. With the recent health care overhaul, there was some debate about whether abortion would be treated as a regular medical procedure or if it should not be covered.

I’m just going to recommend this book for people on both sides of the issue, “The Unaborted Socrates” by Peter Kreeft. This is a dialogue using the Socratic method with an abortion doctor to come to some real conclusions about the definition of murder, is a fetus a human being, what about the rights of the mother, etc. It’s not the easiest read, because it does require you to focus very attentively on the reason and logic used in the conversation. But, it does make some very powerful points.