The most important sermon of my life

So it’s finally over, I gave my sermon on Psalm 33 tonight at church and I think it went pretty well. I’m exhausted. I find that even though I teach all day long for my job, and definitely have no problem talking in front of large groups for hours a day, I feel a great burden when I preach. I realize it is more than a ‘training’ but it is handling God’s word.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, big things are happening. Ella is becoming potty trained. She hasn’t had any accidents in two days. This is great news for us, not just for the budget, but also because it means she is catching on and is right on track. I can’t really describe it well, but having a daughter with hearing loss sometimes makes me a little paranoid about her being behind developmentally, even though for the most part I think she is right on track right now.

So to tie this all into my title, I was reminded again that as a father my greatest sermon is the life I live at home. Celebrating these accomplishments with my daughter, letting her know how proud I am of her really makes a difference in my daughter’s life. Everything I do makes a difference in her life. She sees everything I do, and don’t do. She imitates me for good or bad. And she is learning even now how a husband should treat his wife by watching my relationship with Erica. She is also learning just what role God plays in our home by the routines we set for her each day.

One of the times I look forward to the most is our nightly ‘family devotions.’ Yes, sometimes Pax is crying, and yes sometimes they are rushed in order to get the kids off to bed after a late night (ironically, it is usually church that causes us to have to rush devotions, we don’t get home until a half hour past bedtime) But now it is to the point that Ella really can’t go to bed unless we sing, read, pray and then brush her teeth. Even when we were in Pennsylvania, she wanted to go through her nightly routine of ‘family devotions’

And I would just like to encourage all the other dads out there to start family devotions if you are not already doing them. I used to be scared of them, I had crazy high expectations. Like I had to be doing this in depth Bible study and write a sermon or object lesson every day, or have some crazy field trip we could all take as a family that would be a learning experience, but really? it just has to be developing a habit that each night we read a story (and it doesn’t have to be out of the King James, just a kid’s Bible will do) and sing some songs (the B I B L E, This Little Light of Mine, Only a Boy Named David, etc.) and then holding hands and praying each night. I pray each night for Ella and Pax to one day be saved. And right now, we are just establishing the routine that at night we talk about God and pray together. That’s really all it needs to be. As my kids get older, I envision it turning more into a time where we ask each other what we read in the Bible, or how we saw God’s goodness that day, maybe starting a family journal, and probably the song choices will change too!

I will have to get a copy of my sermon on CD and then figure out a way to post it on Blogger…I will warn you, it’s probably 45 minutes long, you’ll have to be a really committed reader if you are going to sit through the whole thing 🙂
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