Easter Photo

It has been commonly said that a picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes pictures don’t reveal the true story. Let me tell you about exactly what you are looking at in this picture.

This picture is the result of four hours of shopping for a shirt on Saturday to match the sweater vest, almost 30 minutes of trying to do hair, three arguments with Ella over 1. hair 2. dress 3. shoes a couple of meltdowns/time-outs, one pre-spit up sweater and at least one hundred “Ella, SMILE, look over here! ELLA, hey hey hey, over here (insert silly noises, clapping hands, waving arms and the funny face of your choice)”, and 37 snapshots taken before this one that finally turned out.

But in all honesty it wasn’t too bad and it was definately worth it. We had a great day in church and a nice lunch with the family before we all went down for an afternoon nap, then in the evening we played outside with bubbles,kicked the ball around and shot some hoops, enjoying the last few moments of our time together for the weekend.

Hope you had a Happy Easter, too! Leave a comment if you had any great Easter memories!

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