The Incredible Egg That Saved a Life

Ministry takes on many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes ministry is being on stage leading worship, sometimes it is preaching to large crowds. Other times it is being a spiritual mentor or discipler to a few individuals. Then there are times when it involves stuffing and placing 16,000 Easter eggs on square tiles in the mall. That’s right, SIXTEEN THOUSAND eggs! Each egg may seem like nothing special, and there were many people who would readily admit they are not the ones to want to be in front of large crowds speaking, or even comfortable yet discipling another person one on one. But they do feel able and willing to stuff Easter eggs and spend a few hours on a Saturday night setting two eggs per tile in a mall after closing hours.

What’s with the egg? Why is this such a big deal?

That egg may just be what draws someone closer to God. They came for the fun and the candy for their children, but they stayed for the message, and they left experiencing God’s love. That one egg may just be the thing that saved their life for all eternity.

No ministry is too small, no task unimportant in the kingdom of God. God uses each of us in unique ways to share his love and to let other’s know about Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter everyone! Share His love and the fact that He is risen with someone else today!


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