My Couch Fast Update

So it ended up not being so much of a “fast” per se, but more like I just skipped one meal. Erica said it was a little suspicious that I decided to have my couch fast on a day I didn’t get home from work until after 6:00 PM, and she has a point. In order to consider it a true fast it needs to be over multiple days or over the weekend. Unfortunately, I have a deacon’s meeting tomorrow and church on Wednesday, and every day this week I won’t get home until late since I’m training. But I will definitely do it again, because here’s a glimpse of what I did tonight instead of sitting on the couch watching TV…

After dinner, Ella and I went outside and kicked the ball around a little, then I lifted her up on my shoulders while she threw the basketball and she made her first basket! We pretended to drive to all of the different places she knows (see photo below). Each time she would get in her little Fred Flintstone car and drive to another part of the driveway and pretend it was either Chuck E. Cheese’s where we went down the slide, or Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We also went to church, to the store, and finally home. Then we held hands and walked to the apple tree in the backyard and picked some flowers and blew bubbles.

We ended the night with a family tradition I started when Ella was younger. I’m going to preface this by saying I don’t like wrestling or the UFC, but one day I asked Ella if she wanted a flying elbow (I think it was because we were teaching her the different body parts) She would say “Yes” and I would run and stand on our second step and then run and pick her up and throw her on the couch. I hold up my elbow and pat it with my other hand and jump as high as I can, landing “on” her and tickling her. Tonight I laid on the ground and she ran to the step and said, “Elbow? Yes!” and ran and fell on me and I tickled her. Oh, and she also gave Pax a flying elbow, too. After Ella went to sleep, I read some books to Pax until he was almost asleep in my arms, and put him to bed.

It was a wonderful evening, but I realize that I have a lot to compete with. Erica took them to the zoo today, so I guess I need to take a “work fast” someday, too, so I can go with them next time. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?

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