Things That Go Bump (SNORE) in the Night

Raising kids takes sacrifice. A parent may need to sacrifice their time, energy, money, health, safety, entertainment, hobbies, friends, work, dream car, new clothes, all for the sake of their childs well being. But when asked to sacrifice this one thing, that's where I draw the line. This one thing is more precious to me than money. Without this, every moment seems labored. Time at work drags on. Activities lose their joy. Even relaxing is not the same because all you can think about is getting this back. It's more important than almost anything else I can think of. And I've had to sacrifice it over the past few weeks.

Any guesses?

Sleep. Having two kids doubles the chances of getting woken up at night. Babies cry and need a bottle, but then I can usually put Pax back in his crib or swing and he'll go right back to sleep. Toddlers cry… and they need to come and sleep in your bed. At least Ella does. Erica and I have decided to not co-sleep with our kids as a regular practice. So I'm used to stretching out on my side of the bed (except our mini daschund Roxy does sleep in bed with us) And I don't mind the letting Ella sleep in our bed if she is sick or scared. If only she didn't snore. AND LOUD. After my deacon's meeting a few nights ago, I came home and couldn't fall asleep, so I was up til about 1:30 when I finally conked out. At 2:00 Ella started crying and I went into her room, but she would not be comforted so she came to our bed.

There she slept, right in the middle. So contorted that it didn't look at all comfortable. Almost at a diagonal, but at the same time all spread out. Clinging to the edge of the mattress, I closed my eyes and hoped I would't fall off the bed. Then it started. The long drawn out snore of a congested two year old. I took it for quite a while. Then I got up and turned the fan up to try to drown it out. No luck. I stared at her, hoping it would subconsciously make it stop. It didn't. I pinched her nose, she stirred, breathed out her mouth twice and then started snoring again. Now though she was facing me, and the night was quickly passing away. I needed to get some sleep before work tomorrow, so I switched my pillow to the foot of the bed to try to get away from the noise. At about 4:00 I fell asleep only to be startled by my alarm at 5:15 the next morning.

By the way, I just got off the phone with my wife, and as I'm hanging up I hear, "Ella, don't put bubbles in the potty…" Now I'm curios. What will happen when she flushes?