Create a Tactile Experience Book

I’m not the child expert who came up with this idea. Wait, that came out wrong. I’m not a child expert, AND I didn’t come up with this myself. Instead, Ella’s case worker suggested it would be something fun for us to do to work on Ella’s speech. But it could be fun for any parent and kid to do.

Here’s what we did.Yesterday we went to the Metroparks Nature Center. There are so many trails and steps and bridges; it is just amazing that all of that is right outside my backdoor. Anyway, while we walked through the woods we would gather stuff and put it in her backpack to use in the experience book later. Later, we will assemble the stuff on pages and create a book that we can look back on and remember all the fun things we did. The rock that got in her shoe, the funny looking bark from the tree, the rocks we threw in the water, the leaves we walked through or the rock that looked like an arrowhead, which was the trail we were on. Then we’ll draw pictures or print photos of the things we did, how daddy wrote our names in the dirt, when the geese flew down and landed in the water like airplanes, oh yeah and how the whole evening was book ended by two of my favorite things (McDonald’s and Dairy Queen!) Just capturing the simple things and looking back on them reminds everyone of the fun we had as a family. And any moms reading this; this isn’t the same as scrap booking. We’re not talking fancy layouts and buttons and ribbon. Just a book with stuff taped and glued and drawn on it. Keep it simple and it’ll be easier to do. Once we have ours together I’ll post some pics.