Celebrating Firsts

A first means you’re growing up. After you do something for the first time, that stage of life is now behind you. It means life is moving on and things will never be the same. New horizons await you, there is no returning to the way things used to be. Everything changes after a first. That’s why I’m a big believer in celebrating firsts. And this weekend there were many. Some big, some small. But all worth celebrating. Let me start with Pax.
My little guy is now sitting up. He used to be a “leaner” but now he is officially sitting up! Already new toys are available for him to discover, and soon bath time will be different too, he will no longer be in a baby bath tub. He is no longer bound to just laying the floor, finally the hair on the side of his head will be able to grow since it will no longer be getting rubbed off every day. Soon he will learn to crawl, but for now he is in the stationary sit stage. He makes me so proud, he is as his shirt says, “Dad’s deputy”

Ella, too, had a first this weekend. She was sitting on my lap coloring, outlining her hand, outlining my hands, when she said “whale” and then drew this all on her own. She is very artistic, loves drawing and dancing and music. I think this is a terrific whale for a two and a half year old! She did the tail and the eye without any directions from daddy. It’s just too bad that it was drawn on this magnetic thingy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to prevent her from ever playing with this again, so we had to take a picture of it instead in order to preserve the image. I should have had her sign it. I guess people might look at this picture and think I drew it, but she can’t really spell her name yet…
What other firsts did we experience?
Well, for the first time since Pax was born, we all went out as a whole family (except for Roxy) to eat. We dined on the endless soup, salad, and bread-sticks at Olive Garden on Saturday afternoon. It just goes to show that even though you have a two year old and a seven month old you can get out of the house. They both did very well. We only had two times that our table got a little rowdy, but then they brought out my food and I calmed down.
The last ‘first’ that happened this weekend was not so much a family thing, but it was big. The Cleveland Cavaliers played their first NBA Playoff game against Chicago. This marks the beginning of a historic event for the city of Cleveland. I’m not huge into watching sports, but I am excited about witnessing the first NBA Championship coming to Cleveland!
So many reminders this weekend that life if flying by, that I need to appreciate every stage. I’m sure I’ll look back years from now with difficulty, trying to imagine my son as a baby, just learning to sit up. But today I’m celebrating the new horizons that await us.