A Little Man in Training

There’s nothing like coming home from a hard days work and enjoying a little ‘guy time.’ Erica ran out to do all the stuff that can’t get done when you have two kids who stay at home, and I had to skip church to wait for the plumber to come and fix the leak in our kitchen sink. Ella was at grandma’s so that left me and Pax to chill at home.

First, I fired up the grill. BBQ chicken was on the menu. I showed Pax the ins and outs to fine grilling, who cares that he’s only seven months old. I wanted him to see by example from an early age the manly art of grilling. We hung out while I played my guitar, then I started to train for the over 30 league basketball team that I might join next year at church… I think I’ll stick to defense. I did however teach Pax my kill shot for P-I-G. The behind the back layup. This is a shot my father humiliated me with throughout my childhood. I could never beat him when he did this shot. So, after 29 years of practice, I have perfected it and now I am teaching it to my son.
The only other thing I wish I could have shown Pax would be how to fix the sink. But this is a sink that has been ‘fixed’ multiple times and still leaks, so I figured I better leave it to the professionals. A lesson I also learned from my broken gate.