No blasphemy here! It was a thought triggered by a book I’m reading called, “The Family You’ve Always Wanted” by Gary Chapman. As a dad, part of being a pastor to my family involves me living so my family can see Jesus in me. My kids and my wife should be able to learn by my example what God is like, and see Jesus displayed in my attitude and actions. In other words, I should be the kind of husband Jesus would be (had he gotten married). A high bar for sure, and definitely more ‘future state’ than ‘current.

What would Jesus have been like as a husband?¬†Instead of digressing into pure speculation, the first statement of Jesus’ that Gary reminds me about in his book, is found in Matthew 20:28, “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve…” If Jesus were married, he would have been a servant to his family. This is backed up in Ephesians 5. In context, Ephesians five talks about submitting to one another. “…love your wife as Christ loved the church, and gave Himself up for her.” How can I serve my wife? How can I serve my kids?

My battle with selfishness has to fly out the window. I have to put their needs ahead of my own. From carrying out the daily chores (a.k.a. doing the things my wife always asks me to help her with), to going above and beyond and doing the unexpected (volunteering to do the laundry or ironing). There are probably millions of ways to not just help my wife, but to truly serve her. And if Jesus were a husband He would probably know all of them. I’m a little slower than Jesus, so I will have to take more time at home to think about this.

For comment: Dads, any stories about how you served your family? Ladies, any ideas to share about how a husband could serve his wife? Anyone else, how about your parents, do you remember a time when your dad really stepped up to the plate (or should have)?