A Pre-Mother’s Day Tribute (sort of) To My Wife

So yesterday I posted about serving my wife, and I have to admit as hard as I try I realize I cannot out-serve her. It’s easy to take for granted all that my wife does, and all that she is. It can be easy to just expect things from her and not think about how hard it is for her. It’s easy to get used to how great someone is, and then start to focus on the little things that don’t matter. All the while, my selfishness blinds me. Until I start trying to demonstrate “Jesus” to my wife, that’s when I realize she is already doing so many amazing things that I could never do, because I’m not that nice. My patience isn’t that long with the kids, my sensitivity to my daughter is minuscule compared to hers. Fact is, I’m not as good at this parenting thing as my wife is. Three hours with my kids and already my fuse is short. Ella’s hearing aides don’t fit her anymore, so I really have to raise my voice, and then I get frustrated. I have so far to go.

I really need to do something special for this Mother’s Day! My wife is amazing!

2 Replies to “A Pre-Mother’s Day Tribute (sort of) To My Wife”

  1. Let me recommend that you just say exactly this to her… :)So often I blog about how wonderful my hubby is…but never actually say it him, the source.


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