IEP initial feedback

Thank you, everyone who prayed. The first of many IEP evaluations went pretty well. All we wanted was for Ella to be her regular self, so the evaluators could do their job and the evaluation would be fair.

The immediate feedback we got confirmed what we already knew, to some extent. They observed that her speech is usually not spontaneous. She uses a lot of one word phrases, and very rarely strings sentences together. Erica and I have to prompt her to say things like, “I want to” or “That is a” and this is definitely a concern. I also knew that Ella remembered things very well, but I didn’t know how she compared to other kids. She is my first, so for me, I judge everything Pax does to how Ella was at that age. But the comments we received said she compared to kids a year older than her age with the knowledge/information retention side of things. For example, Ella knows her ABC’s and 123’s (up to about 17) and can point out and name any letter out of sequence (so they know she really knows them) She also knows her colors and shapes (Circle, square, oval, rectangle, diamond, triangle, heart, star) which they said was very good. So she knows stuff, she just doesn’t talk about it!
We won’t get the official results of the IEP until the end of May, and Ella has two more evaluations and one more meeting. I will keep the updates coming as soon as I know anything! But it went well and we are relieved that she was her normal self.