To My Wife, Happy Mother’s Day

First of all, don’t worry. This blog post is not a replacement for a card!
Top ten reasons you are an awesome mom, Erica!

10. You are a hard worker
“A man works from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done” I don’t know who said this, but you prove it is true every day. From middle of the night feedings to bedtime tears, you are always working hard. On top of chasing down our two year old and being the joy of our baby’s life, you do so many things to keep this house running, it is nothing short of amazing.

9. You have lots of patience
Even when I’m home in the evening, I hear the word, “Mommy” hundreds of times a night. I can’t imagine the demands the kids place on you all day long. You handle it all with grace and I rarely see you upset. Nobody is perfect, but you come pretty close. You don’t get a lot of breaks away from the kids, and still you respond with kindness.
8. You have a great attention to detail
I have a hard time just keeping track of my schedule, but somehow you juggle all of the appointments, meetings, case workers, activities, grandparents’ schedules, church, and my work schedule too! If I were the one in charge, I know most of these things would slip through the cracks…I honestly don’t know how you do it!

7. You are creative and fun
You are always on the prowl for fun things to do, and creative ways to teach and entertain our kids. I know it takes a lot of effort sometimes to get out of the house, after all of the packing of diaper bags and lunch bags and backpacks, etc. but you make Pax’s and Ella’s days full of fun!

6. You have a hilarious sense of humor
I love that we laugh a lot together, and I know you and the kids have fits of laughter throughout the day. You’re not afraid to be silly or break out dancing with the kids.

5. You give lots of love
You make time to spend time with Ella and Pax one on one, even taking Ella to the store. You hug and kiss them. Pax always lights up when you kiss him good night! You praise them and encourage them, Ella imitates you, and I hear her always telling herself, “Great job!” after she throws something away or goes on the potty. You give them gifts and special treats, take them out for ice cream. To sum it up, you show them love in so many ways.

4. You are an excellent teacher
You teach Ella and Pax so many things. From sign language to shapes, and how to act in public. Ella is learning beyond her years, all thanks to you. You’ve taught her how to color and draw, you’ve taught her the beginning line of “Mary had a little lamb” on the piano. She’s potty trained, and you’ve taught her how to clean up! She is who she is because of all you have taught her so far!

3. You put our kids’ needs ahead of your own
Yeah, sure. As a dad, I have to sacrifice too sometimes. But not as much as you. You have sacrificed your master’s degree, your dreams of a career, your interaction with adults…to be a stay at home mom. You give everyday, selflessly, seemingly endlessly. That’s why I think at least this one day, of putting your needs first is so well deserved. But really you deserve so much for all you have given for our kids.

2. You are a wonderful wife
I can’t tell you enough, or even describe what you mean to me. You are my true love, and you do so much for me on top of all that you do for the kids. I never feel like I come second, you love me so completely. I love you more everyday.

1. You are a Godly example
Perhaps most important, is the fact that you are such a Godly woman. Ella is learning by your example what a Godly woman should be. And Pax will grow up, knowing the kind of woman he should marry because you are a picture to him of what true Godliness looks like. I appreciate the standards you have set in your life, and admire you for your devotion to God. You are an encouragement to me to be the man I should be. I thank you most, for your godly life!


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