Last Minute Gifts (True Story)

How is mother’s day going for me so far? It actually began the night before…Erica and I were laying in bed when she says, “I wonder what Ella got for me?” I tried not to let on, but according to my records, Ella (I) had not gotten her anything (‘from Ella’). Every year, I try, but every year, I forget something. So she fell asleep, and I laid in bed awake, panic stricken, thinking about how I was going to pull all of this off. I went downstairs, grabbed my cell phone, set my alarm for 5:30 and placed it next to my side of the bed. I was hoping to wake up and sneak out of the house when my cell phone alarm went off. This way I would be home before Pax woke up. I dreamt about it all night, and I rarely ever dream, so this was a big deal to me. I dreamt about that moment when Erica was saying, “Oh Ella, what did you get mommy this year…”

At 5:15 Pax started crying. Erica shot up and walked over to the hallway to listen. A few minutes later he stopped, but Erica was awake so my dream of sneaking out for last minute gifts seemed dashed. I silence my phone and decided I’d just have to own up to not getting her anything from Ella.
6:15 rolled around and I woke up, in the middle of another dream about Ella’s mother’s day gift. I looked at Erica. She was sound asleep. Off to Giant Eagle I went. I always feel like such a loser standing in the card section of a store early in the morning of the actual holiday. I know every woman passing by is shaking her head in disgust. “That loser, last minute shopper for his wife.” they’re saying in their minds. I carefully select a bouquet of flowers, pick out a couple of cards (one from Ella, and one from Pax, too) and head to checkout, hoping to avoid further public embarrassment. Just my luck the self checkout lines are closed, so I stand in the only line open. Twelve items or less, the guy in front of me has an entire cart full of groceries. Now my mind is racing, what if Pax woke up while I was gone? What a way to start mother’s day! This Holy Grail of days! I did feel a little better though when I noticed the guy in front of me also had flowers in his cart, and as I began to check out, two more guys joined the line with flowers in hand.
6:45 I get home, get the gifts I bought her from my secret hiding spot and realize I forgot to buy wrapping paper while I was at the store. I browsed our stash of wrapping paper, hmmm, bright blue happy birthday paper, plain brown (looks like cardboard)…or sixteen different varieties of Christmas paper. Well, Christmas is one of her favorite times of year. I picked the one with the most subtle snowflake design, and after I’m done wrapping realize it is slightly transparent??? Who makes transparent wrapping paper?!
7:00 Bath, until I hear Pax crying. I immediately get out when I hear Erica through the baby monitor I had on, turn off the fan and get him out of his crib. Next, I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. “I’ll take over from here!” Erica went back to sleep and I fed and changed my little man.
Now it is 8:00 Erica is sleeping soundly, Ella is still in bed. I’m ready for this day to begin.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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