Blog name contest

OK, so Mother’s Day completely wiped me out. Sunday, as I was ironing kid’s clothes and watching the finale to the amazing race, my feet started to hurt. I had been trying to take care of the kids the whole day, even though there were more than a few times Erica had to step in and help. After church we went out to lunch and then came home and put the kids down for a nap, I fell asleep on the couch for just a minute before I had to go to church to get ready for communion. After church I wanted to help Erica get caught up on the ironing, that’s when it hit me. Man is being a mom hard. I spent all day Monday trying to recover. I went to bed at a ridiculously early 8:30, just moments after laying Pax down for the night.

That’s the Mother’s Day recap, now I want to ask for your help. I’m thinking about moving this blog to wordpress instead of blogger. If I do that, I have a chance to rename it. Bodenmiller.blogspot is sorta boring, but I started this blog three years ago, back when you had to get a personal invitation to join G-mail (thanks Kurt) and I wasn’t even a father at that point. I don’t have anything to give away to the ‘winner’, just bragging rights I guess, or the satisfaction of knowing you helped me out. Either way, I’m open to any ideas, cause I’m drawing a blank…