The Most Exciting Thing You Will Read, Today!

I knew Jim in college. We had several theology classes together and studied Greek together. I hung out in his room and we played Counter Strike together. We also worked together at UPS for the early morning shift. We had to get up as early as 2:00AM sometimes, which now-a-days would be impossible, but it wasn’t that easy of a feat while living in a guys dorm either. Sometimes my roommate wouldn’t even start his studying until midnight. Jim and I took turns driving in to work, and this meant there were some days he would have to wake me up, and other days I would be at his door knocking to wake him up. After college, like so many other college friends, we drifted apart. Not because I didn’t think he was a great guy, just because life is like that sometimes.

I knew bits and pieces of Jim’s life since then. He worked at a camp for a while. He called me to tell me he was having his first daughter. Sure we’re friends on facebook, but that only does so much when neither of us really post any updates or statuses. I knew he was a Pastor now.
His wife blogs and does photography, and so I’ve been reading there for a while now and they have shared some exciting news. I am urging anyone who is reading this, to check out this blog post that Tiffany wrote, now.
Did you read it? Did you watch the video? If not, go back and watch the video…
Ok? so you read the blog and you watched the video. I can’t say it any better than she does, so now do what you can to help. This really is an amazing couple and I am so glad they have made this decision. Erica and I have always talked about it and it has always been on our hearts. But they have taken this step by faith and they need our help. See what God has already done for them, here. If you can donate money, great! They will need it. If you can pray for them, awesome! They will need that, too! If you can just help spread the word, and maybe someone else can help them out financially, perfect! Anything you can do would be amazing. You may not know them at all, and that’s OK. But you will be helping an amazing couple do an absolutely amazing thing! And after watching the video, you can’t help but get excited for them! See, I told you this would be the most exciting thing you read today!

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