Getting There is Half the Fun!

Vacation kicked off Friday night with IttiBitz ice cream in the living room (a knock off of DipnDots)  That night, Ella went to bed with the ‘Countdown to Vacation’ poster that Erica and Ella made.  She woke up the next morning saying, “Airplane? Princess? Minnie Mouse? Let’s go!”
At the airport, she turned heads and brought a smile to almost everyone she passed as she was wearing her Minnie Mouse hat and veil, Daisy Duck sunglasses, and pulling her Elmo and friends suitcase.
When she first saw the airplanes, she started asking for money.  We didn’t really know why, so we gave her a quarter.  Then she held up her twenty five cents and said, “Ride airplane?”   She must have been thinking it was like one of those rides at the mall.
We were informed by our captain that take off was just five minutes before CLE was shut down due to thunderstorms.  We were really worried about the weather, and knew it might delay our vacation.  But thank God we made it just in time!  Next stop, Disney World!

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  1. absolutely adorable grandchild, and photos…. would love to see and hear more…. 🙂 how precious to have time with her alone with both of you!!!!


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