Boys and Girls and Flowers

It’s never too early to be concerned about your daughter and the boys who will try to woo her.  To be honest, my journal entry on the day she was born was more about her future wedding day than it was about her actual birth story.  I am already dreading that day.  But before that day comes, I know other things must happen first.  Such as a boy liking her, talking to her, sitting by her in school and yes, possibly even buying (or picking) her flowers.  I joke that I will redecorate my living room to look like a hunting lodge, with large animal heads hanging on every wall, rifles locked? in cabinets so that I can personally interview all of her potential boyfriends in the correct and conducive environment for discovering the truth.   Erica and I and have talked about an appropriate age for Ella to start ‘dating’ and our views surrounding that whole topic.  I know she is only just under three years old, but yesterday she got one of these from the Neighbor Boy (NB) and my heart nearly skipped a beat!   NB is just under five years old and he remembers when Ella was born, so he calls her “baby Ella”.  I’m certain that in his mind it wasn’t a romantic thing at all, just a nice gesture for Ella inviting him and his big sister over to swim in her new pool.   And I think the flower may have also been part of his dad’s idea as well.  Still, it reinforced in my mind that I need to take up hunting and begin building my animal head collection.

As far as Ella dating goes, we have decided that there is no magic age, just a parent’s ability to determine their maturity level, and to discuss with them what relationships should be all about before allowing her to ‘see’ anyone exclusively.  We’ll see what my attitude is when the first boy shows up at our doorstep, poor soul!

Interesting fact: the flower above is from my neighbor’s rose bush, and it smells very sweet.  Apparently the rose used to be one of the sweetest smelling flowers until they began to be bred for the way they looked.  I wish I could upload some kind of scratch and sniff icon for you to smell it, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I’ve never smelled a rose like this one!

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2 Replies to “Boys and Girls and Flowers”

  1. How did Ella react when he gave it to her? i picture those black and white photos and shyness and smiles… how was the swim.. she is such a sweetheart!!!! if you ever need to borrow some of those animals, there are bear rugs and full size bears and animals heads that can be placed at eye height… lol from down here at my dads….


  2. It was pretty much like those photos, I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. Ella was playing in her pool and when she saw the flower she said it was pretty but didn’t realize it was for her, even though the NB was standing at the side of the pool with his arm straight out, holding the flower for Ella to take. It was a very adorable moment!


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