Man vs Nature

It has been the epic theme to my quest of homeownership.  What started as squirrels trying to claw into my roof and raccoons knocking over my garbage cans two years ago,changed to mice in the kitchen and a neighbor cat who tries to live in my garage.  Now the latest threat, blue jays.

That’s right, a puny little bird is now the token representative of nature sent to ruin and frustrate my life.  They have made their nest high in a pine tree in my backyard.  For days now every time I walk towards the fence or out to my garage, the blue jay would fly to a branch directly in front of me and let out its shrill cry.  Warning me, taunting me even.  His head cocked to the side ever so slightly.  One beady little eye meeting mine.  His sudden swift movements seemed as if he were throwing his wings up in the air and jutting his beak toward my face saying, “What? C’mon!” This weekend was the last straw.  One of the baby birds was hurt and was hopping on the ground along my driveway.  My dachshund Roxy went to investigate.  Suddenly out of nowhere the bird swooped down and started pecking at my dog!

I’m all for protecting and loving animals, but I’m almost afraid to let my kids play in my own backyard!  I won’t let it win.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I must prevail.