The Living Room Tent

So I was home with the kids one day, and I noticed they were starting to wander aimlessly like zombies out of a cheap horror movie,  I needed to break through the mundane and I had to be resourceful to do it.  Quickly taking a mental inventory, I started to grab what was around me.  One couch, two dining room chairs, three blankets, one glow in the dark sword from Disney and five minutes later we had transformed the everyday ordinary into an amazing adventure!  This tent, complete with a bedroom, playroom, and toy/snack storage area was an instant success.  Tents have this great effect on kids where it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just being under a tent makes it AWESOME!  So before, reading a book would have been boooorriiiinnng, but reading the same book under a living room tent?  WAY COOL!

Sitting under the tent with my kids took me back to my childhood.  (Living Room Tents and sandwiches cut into triangles always take me back…)  My brothers and I used to make tents with blankets, chairs and broomsticks all the time, then we’d peek out from underneath and play Nintendo for hours.  Something about being hidden from view made the same old Legend of Zelda game, that much better! We would also take apart all of our board games and build mazes in the living room using the game boards as the maze walls.  Sometimes we’d turn out the lights, and hide things that each other would have to find as we crawled our way through them in the dark.  Dorky?  maybe, but we always had tons of fun!

O.K. now that my flashback is ending I’m starting to see Ella and Pax again through the wavy lines in my mind, and I just want to say one thing.  This picture makes it look like Ella is passed out from guzzling a two liter of Pepsi, but don’t worry, Ella did not consume any Pepsi.  Pax wanted to play with the bottle after it was already empty, and naturally Ella had to have it, if for no other reason perhaps than to deprive her little brother of joy.  You can see him asking in his face, “Hey, aren’t you going to put the camera down and do something about this?”


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