Move over Jeff Foxworthy.  I’ve got a new game that will totally humiliate anyone who attempts to play it.  “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” actually asks difficult questions related to science, history and math.  This game’s simplicity lies in the fact that there is only one question.  “What’s that?” [pronounced “Wusdat?”] However, this one question must be answered speedily and accurately whenever it is asked.

The genius-ness behind this game is the timing and object of the inquiry.  Here’s how it is played:

A two-year old shadows an adult for an entire day.  The two-year old is then free to ask, “Wusdat?” at any given moment.  The strategy behind asking the question can vary, but usually follows one of these three  listed below:

I Spy: We all know what a window, car, and picture is.  What about things that don’t have names, like that little clear plastic part of the tags on new clothes that you like to chew on after you rip it off?  Or that piece of the knob that’s left after the handle for your chimney flu broke off?  How about the part on the inside of the dishwasher door that flips open to let the soap out? You get the point.

Out of the Blue:  When you are heavily engrossed in activity or deep in serious thought and your entire being is focused on the task at hand, the question strikes.  Being caught off guard means you will probably fail for allowing the question to be repeated before a satisfactory answer is given. Remember, it must be answered speedily to win.

Machine Gun: (the Lightning Round) The question can come at any moment.  And you may be able to dodge the single bullets that get lofted your way throughout the day.  But sometimes a barrage of questions come right after the other, and there is no way to keep up.  Go ahead, try it right now.  Name ten things around you as fast as you can…Couldn’t get the word “ceiling” out quick enough? You lose.

Final Score for today: Ella 102, Lee 5.

What’s your record?


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  1. 330 – 15…plus I just added another member to their team. My chances for winning are not looking so hot.


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