A WILD Friday Night!

As dinner was winding down, I glanced out the window overlooking our driveway.  Erica knew what I was thinking.  This has been a project three years in the making.  Every year I hacked at the mini forest crowding our car on the asphalt.  Until finally this year, it looked like we were ready to rip them out for good.

“I’d better go work on those bushes,” I said, as I collected the plates and rinsed them off in the sink.  I had to do something to help.  Me working outside in the yard means Erica watching the kids all evening.  I usually like to give her at least some small break in there somewhere.

I donned my ‘motivational’ work clothes and gathered my tools from the garage.  As I began digging up the dirt around the trunks, Erica came down the drive, kids in hand.  “We’re going to sit on the front porch and watch you!” she said.  I was cool with that.  I knew Ella would grab a plastic shovel and pitch right in to help.  And Pax, well he’s pretty much happy anywhere.

For whatever reason I decided to attack the biggest roots first.  A combination of reciprocating saw, crowbar, hammer, and a whole lot of tugging and kicking didn’t seem to be doing the trick.  After working up a sweat with nothing to show for it, I decided it was time to move on.  Now the sweating and grunting really began, as I worked at the smaller trunks nearby.  But at least I was making progress.  It was so satisfying to hear the roots ripping and popping as I grabbed the trunks with my hand and twisted and ripped them from the earth.

“Careful, don’t hurt your back!” came the concerned cry from the steps.

“That was my back…” I said in a fake pained voice.  After a second or two passed, the moment hit us and we both smiled.  She, on the front porch steps with the kids, watching me grimace and coddle my spine.  Me holding up the shovel as I took a breather.  My how our Friday nights have changed!

How have your Friday nights changed?  Leave a comment!

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3 Replies to “A WILD Friday Night!”

  1. Friday nights – We have deemed them “Family Fun Friday Nights”. It is one of the nights during the week that we dedicate to family. We play games eat pizza and enjoy time together. It was an idea taken from the Avery’s when we lived with them for a time after first moving to Berea. Oh, the memories.


  2. soak the roots with water…. dig around the roots a little, get a heavy chain, then let the car pull the bosh out…. how endearing to have a cheering squad on the porch, while you are working… and to be concerned.. (wives can be the voice of reason.. when a man is focused on a task.). i can think of many, but wont name any… 🙂

    I’m looking forward to how that gate is built in the future too…. encouraging to hear how you provide for your family in so many ways….


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