Evening Prayers

Each night, after reading the Bible we gather around on the living room floor to pray. Ella slowly slides off of her overstuffed Elmo chair and holds out her hands to make our family circle. Like a good big sister, Ella usually wants to hold her baby brother’s hand. Pax doesn’t particularly enjoy that part, and usually pulls his chubby paw back with a ‘Hey, why are you grabbing my hand?’ look towards Ella. We grab his foot instead and bow our heads. Then begin to pray.

It’s the moment I love every night. As we’re praying, I open my eyelids ever so slightly just to look at Ella. She is so somber and very still. Her chin is touching her chest as she focuses more energy and concentration on bowing her head than she does on what is being said. Every now and then she’ll pop her eyes open to see if Pax is praying. And then she’ll see me and instantly redouble her efforts to keep her head down. She knows it’s an important time. A serious time. We thank God for everyone in our family, and pray for mommy and daddy to be good parents and for Ella and Pax to obey. Each night we pray that Ella and Pax will one day be saved. She is so sweet as she sits there. I wish I could freeze that moment and capture it forever. I think it is my favorite time of the day.

Then almost as quickly as somberness came, it’s gone. Some nights, after we say “Amen”, Ella will jump up and exclaim, “Thank you Roxy(our dog)! Thank you couch! Thank you ____(whatever we did that day)!” Then we run to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wild and crazy Ella emerges again. Asking to listen to her teddy bear CD before we put her to bed.

What’s your favorite time of day with your kids?

(See the latest photos and vids! Click here to hear Ella play “Mary had a Little Lamb” on the piano!)


4 Replies to “Evening Prayers”

  1. did you write the letters on your piano? i can’t believe ella can play that all by herself – good job!!! 🙂


    1. I wrote the letters with permanent marker on masking tape, but then the marker wore off on our fingers, so I also put clear masking tape on top. I sit down with her a few days a week, for just a few minutes each time. She loves it, so we do it. Later I’ll force her to take lessons!


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