An Extraordinary Father’s Day

How was your Father’s Day?

This morning I was responsible to get the kids together for church while my wife was in Sunday School.  On the way in, Ella hit her head on the side view mirror of the car parked next to mine.  I forgot a bottle for Pax at home, had to run back, then help in children’s church to lead singing and be the ‘Enforcer.’  For lunch, we started teaching Ella to ask to be excused.  After lunch I fed Pax and then swam in the pool with Ella.  We put the kids down for a nap, then I read some books.  Now I’m typing and soon will start getting ready for church tonight.

All in all, a pretty ordinary day.  And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  More and more I’m realizing that extraordinary fathering happens in the most ordinary of days.  Sure, we could have done something fantastic and magical, something Earth shattering and new.  Like go to the African Safari Wildlife or visit a splash park nearby.  But that’s not life, not really.

Extraordinary fathering does not take place in only the exciting and outrageous.  My children will remember who I am in the day-to-day.  That’s what counts.   Today I heard several people give a tribute to their dads.  What did they remember most?  Not the fantastic events of life!  They all mentioned what their dad’s character was like every day.

When my daughter falls down and scrapes her knee, how do I respond?  When I am running late for church, what attitudes are evident?  When it’s hot out, and I’m putting together some foreign toy, what will my kids see?  An ordinary father who gets upset, impatient, becomes unkind and mean?  Or an extraordinary example of the Heavenly Father who they will remember forever because of that day that I scooped them up into my arms, with patience in my eyes and said, “It’s O.K., we’ll figure out how to put this toy together eventually!”

Being an extraordinary example day in and day out is my calling.  And I hope I that becomes my ordinary day.