Having Fun is Hard to Do

Saturday mornings are meant to be fun.  In fact, it’s one of the Ten Commandments (O.K. maybe I’m twisting Scripture there just a bit) Sometimes it just takes a little more determination to have a good time than others.

This past weekend we went to the Rocky River for a picnic lunch and invited Papa to come along.  There’s a beautiful old stone bridge and huge mossy rocks that let you ride down the waterfalls like waterslides.  We donned our bathing suits, packed a lunch and headed to the park.  Unloading the car was easier with my dad there to help.  We lugged everything out to the rocks and started to go into the water.  Small problem though, Ella was terrified of the water, even though a few days earlier she wanted to go in, but didn’t have her bathing suit on.  Now she refused to swim.  I also didn’t want to swim because the water was FREEZING! However, I’m still sticking to my original story and blaming it on Ella.  Since that was really the only fun thing for the kids to do there, we thought up a ‘Plan B’.

We packed everything up and decided to eat lunch at a playground area nearby.  It was just around the corner, which was nice.  When we got there it was closed, not nice.  We pulled over on the side of the road next to the orange barrels and caution tape to discuss our options.

Several of us were getting really hungry, so we decided to drive to another park by Wallace Lake to eat.  When we arrived, the park was open! Yea! We enjoyed our picnic lunch together and were looking for the swings we thought were there, but found they were only the regular sized swings, not the kind Ella or Pax can sit in.  We were still determined to have fun so we fed the fish for a bit and came across some paddle boats!  “Great idea!” we thought, unfortunately they were only for rent and we really didn’t want to spend a lot of money out today.

Papa chimed in with some paddleboats at another lake that he saw in the paper advertised as free to ride.  Again we packed up, jumped back in our car and drove across town to yet another lake.  It seemed like things were finally going our way until we inquired about the paddleboats at the window.  That’s when we learned the fine print in the paper was that the paddleboats weren’t out this weekend, but would be available for the fourth of July.  Reluctantly, we headed home.

Now that we were on ‘Plan E’ our determination was even stronger.  I had also asked my dad to help me move some dirt.  So we tried our best to make it fun, Ella helped with her little blue shovel and Pax watched from the sidelines.

Even though we spent more time in the car than at any one location, it was still a fun day.

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but doing it together that counts.