LeBron Prediction

I’m going to digress today and write a post about LeBron James.  I want to make my prediction, because I think I’m right, and I guess I’ll find out in 45 minutes.

At the beginning, everyone thought LeBron was going to stay in Cleveland.  It’s where he grew up, he has his family settled here, he is a hometown boy who cared so much about the town of his youth.

LeBron wants this announcement to be shocking.  He doesn’t call a one hour T.V. special for a ‘no big deal’ decision

I think all this Miami hype is being leaked/created because they need people to believe he is seriously considering leaving, that way, when he announces that he is staying in Cleveland, it will be “Oh What!? Cleveland! That’s amazing!”

Here’s what I saw plastered all over Cleveland on my drive into work today.  I see two ways to read these signs.  First, Cleveland is Home, and LeBron is more than a player to us.  He’s like a son.  Second, Cleveland is Home to more than just a “player”.  If LeBron announces on national television that he is leaving Cleveland, it will be like a dumb jock dumping his girlfriend on prom night…by showing up with a different date.

I also think that LeBron threw this years Finals because he knew if they won, they would have Coach Brown for another five years, and they didn’t get along.  Instead he wanted a coach who had a championship under his belt, who would help him show off his offense, rather than just being the defensive minded coach Brown was.  Now we’ve got Byron Scott, so I think that’s another reason he’ll stay.  Remember that comment he made about, “Me and my teammates have a game plan, and we’re going to execute it”?

But, if he leaves, I sure am going to miss losing in the second round of the finals every year…(dripping with sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell)