Daddy is my Security Blanket

Lately my daughter has been carrying around her yellow flower blanket everywhere she goes.  When she wakes up she grabs it before going downstairs and usually sits with it on her lap while she drinks her milk.  Then throughout the day, she thinks about it out of nowhere.  And has to have her security blanket.  The other night we had a thunderstorm hit us right as we were getting ready to put her down to bed.  She sat on Erica’s lap, clinging to her blanket, as she watched the rain and we tried to explain lightning and thunder in terms she would understand.  Then we put her down for the night, her flower blanket tucked neatly around her.

She seemed all right.  The “Teddy Bears” CD could be heard playing through the floorboards above and it sounded like she would fall asleep in no time.  A few moments later though and a long burst of lightning and thunder struck.  She began to cry.  She was calling for her daddy.

Normally, she calls out for her mommy since Erica stays at home with them.  If we are both sitting down in the living in room and Ella needs something she always goes to her mom (Not because I don’t chip in and do things to help…hey I can’t control where my daughter goes!) But this night, she was asking for me.  It kinda made me feel good to know that if I was there she would feel secure.  I laid down next to her in her bed and we read a stack of books until I could see that the storm was far away in her mind and she would drift off to sleep.

As dads, we play an important role is providing a sense of security in our kids lives, especially our daughters I think.  No matter how old your kids are.  I know I still need my dad sometimes to be there for me when life makes me worried or afraid.  When the storms of life come, dads are there.  To listen, to talk, to offer advice, and sometimes just to read books.

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