Pax’s Baby Dedication

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Sunday we took part in a baby dedication at our church.   What is a baby dedication service, you may ask?  First, let me clear up that it does nothing for my child spiritually.  It does not bestow grace on him, nor does it guarantee his eternal destiny.  It’s really more of a parent dedication than a baby dedication.  Pastor asks us to commit to praying for our children, to commit to being good examples, and to teach our children about God and the Bible.  We say “We do,” and he prays that we will be able to keep the commitments we just made.  Here’s how it went.

Erica sat in the front pew with Pax, who was squealing all through the morning announcements, while I ushered and greeted people in the back.  Once on stage, Pax was pulling embarrassingly at Erica’s blouse and also tried to eat the gift Bible that Pastor gave him.  It was hard to keep focused on the pastor while holding my son in my arms.  It was like he had Tourette’s or something with all the yells and screams that came bursting out at random moments.  He would cry if I took the little gift away, so I had to keep it within his reach.  We fought it out a couple of times.  He wanted to take it and throw it, and I was trying to hold it still so he could look at it.  It didn’t help that it had ribbon on it, which migrated towards his mouth several times during the prayer.  I had to pray with one eye open to make sure he didn’t start gagging and throw up on stage from the ribbon going too far down his throat.

All that aside, I remember that Pastor asked us if we would commit to praying for our children.  Which Erica and I do every night.  Second, it was another reminder of just how serious this whole business of being a dad really is (and mom, too, for Erica)  In our hands we hold a living soul, and God has given us a great responsibility and ability to raise him to know about God.  I also was challenged between fights and squirms that I must rely on God’s strength if I am to fulfill this noble task.   Third, I had flashbacks to when we were there doing the exact same thing with Ella.  So I know that time will go by fast and we must not waste a day when it comes to setting a good example for our kids.


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  1. Cute post! Doesn’t it seem kids always FREAK out on stage?! I laughed at that part…
    This was a good reminder for me – Brad and I sometimes just forget to pray and then weeks go by… and that shouldn’t be so. Thanks!


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