My Secret Identity

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Super Daddy! At least that’s how my son and daughter see me!  As Super Daddy, I can lift anything, fix anything, do anything.  I can launch Ella and Pax into outer space and catch them when they come flying back to earth. I’m able to pedal a bicycle at supersonic speeds, jump higher than a kid’s basketball hoop, and withstand brutal beatings as if they were hitting me on the head with a feather (instead of with building blocks).  A true man of steel!  To my kids, when I arrive home from work, it’s like a super hero has just flown onto the scene!

But they don’t know my secret identity.  My real identity.  As Lee; Husband, deacon, musician, training instructor, or all the other things that I am.  They don’t see me as just a regular guy.  The T-shirt and jeans are my Super Daddy costume (no cape).  The shirt and tie disguise me as the unrecognizable office worker.  I’m struck by how the people closest to me don’t even know my real first name!  I wonder what my kids think I do all day?  Do they think that I am always Super Dad?  That I’m at work playing “3-2-1 blast-off” throwing people in the air, or building tents at my cubicle?

Inevitably, as they get older, they will learn my real name and that I am only human.   There is no Kryptonite needed to make me weak.  I am weak.  And often I find that I am not prepared or able to deal with the challenges parenting brings my way.   They will see me for all my flaws, and that I can’t solve all the problems, or fix everything that breaks.  But i hope they will also see that I try my absolute best.  That I would do anything I could for them.  And I hope that they will look up to the real me, the same way they look up to “Super Me” now.


4 Replies to “My Secret Identity”

  1. I wish I could spend my days building forts in my office from couch cushions and blankets, and throwing people up in the air. 🙂

    A little part of me worries about when my son sees me for the weak man I am instead of the most powerful thing in his world.

    I found your blog through Dad Blogs. Happy Fatherhood Friday!


    1. I guess now that I think about it my job is sometimes like that. I’m a training instructor and we do all kinds of fun things for review games like beach ball volleyball, the great egg drop, and Family Fued! But I hear what you’re saying about that day when they realize that I’m just a regular guy. My kids won’t always see me through superhero glasses…which drives me to rely on God even more.


  2. The day a child discovers his or her parents are vulnerable human beings could be a little sad for the parents and for the child (and probably a little shocking for the child), but it’s also part of the child growing up to be independent. At least that’s what I remember from my own childhood. It meant I couldn’t only rely on my parents, but had to think for myself.

    (And here’s a short post about this blog, by the way)


    1. Good thoughts. Something to always I keep in mind I suppose is the ultimate goal of parenting is to raise kids who can solve their own problems and think for themselves. Hopefully they will still look up to me though for the man that I truly am…
      Thanks for the post on your blog, too! I really appreciate it!


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