Getting the Job Done…Dad Style

I’m the type of dad who likes to get things done.  And if there’s a problem, I’m going to come up with some sort of solution to fix it, temporarily or permanently.  Even if it doesn’t get an A+ for style.  My wife on the other hand would probably rather live with the inconvenience than to stand out from the crowd.

I stand ready to defend my genius solutions to life’s everyday problems.  There is even a small amount of pride that I feel when I come up with a clever way to accomplish something no matter how strange it may look.  Case in point, the mission Sunday morning was to get the kids to church on time.  Easy enough, but now do it without a car?  I really had to put on my dad thinking cap.  First, I was just going to pull them in a wagon, but time kept slipping away from me as I remembered “one more thing” I had to pack in the diaper bag.  So I really had to improvise.  Several people passing me on the road looked over their shoulders to stare at this guy dressed in a suit and tie, riding a purple and silver women’s bike towing a toddler and a baby in a bike trailer on a ninety degree day…But we made it, I couldn’t care less about the style points I lost for riding my wife’s bike.

I’m not the only dad who does this, I’m sure.  Check out this guys “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Man Skills” where he makes the suggestion to use a turkey baster as a bottle when emergency strikes and no bottle is to be found.   Extreme, maybe.  But haven’t you other dad’s ever done anything like this?

I give it to the girls that we dads are sometimes a little quick to reach for the duct tape.  And I am here to testify that duct tape does not fix anything.  I submit to you as evidence  the side view mirror on my car.  I broke it off backing out of my driveway in a hurry, and I thought it would be no big deal just to duct tape it back on.  My car is silver anyway.  It’ll blend right in!  Two things, it didn’t blend in, and the mirror kept falling off.  Even after serious amounts of duct tape.  What eventually worked though? Silicone.  (After holding it for thirty minutes while I waited for it to set…)  Eventually, I’ll figure something out!

Dad’s stand tall behind your DIY fixes.  And share some stories below!


5 Replies to “Getting the Job Done…Dad Style”

  1. This is awesome! And… your kids will LOVE this about you, tho, they may not say it for years…
    I know my dad was so similar and always could think of SOMETHING even if it was a little embarresing at first. Way to go!


    1. I think you’re right, I know my dad had some goofy solutions. One I’ll never forget was this old beater of a car that we actually had this big red comb that he had to stick down in the gear shifter to get it to go from park to drive…I’m still not sure how he ever figured that one out. But I looked up to him for his ability to ‘problem solve’!


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